What to See In Aberdares National Park?

Wild life safari in Aberdare National park

The Park inhabits a big number of big game, like lion, leopards, African elephant, giant forest hog, bushbuck, black rhino, giraffe, buffalo, stripped jackals, duikers, water buck, eland, crocodiles and many more.  The thick tropical rainforest hosts primates like Sykes, olive baboons, colobus monkeys among others. Some of the rare species available include golden cat, the bongo antelope, serval cats, and wild dogs.

Bird watching in Aberdare National park

Bird watching in Aberdare national park, is most ideal; be sure to see over 250 species of different birds like sparry hawks, eagles, sunbirds, plovers, Aberdare cisticola, goshawks, deckens hornbill, peacock and many others.

Mountain climbing at Satima peak in Aberdare National park

Satima peak offers great sightseeing opportunities. This activity chains views of the great rift valley to the west with the amazing horizon view of Mount Kenya. Observe the surrounding lake Naivasha, Mt Kenya and Mt Kirimanjaro, lake Nakuru and the Daiga hills on a clear day while at the horizon. Satima peak is about 4001meters high and it can take about 2-3hours of hike. A morning trek to the top of Satima peak would be the most ideal.

Trout fishing in Aberdare National park

This is also another popular activity in the moorland`s in the ice-cold Guru Karuru and Chania Rivers within the park. Other attractions worth visiting include the elephant hill, marked with several trails of the African elephant, the Twin hills, Table Mountains and the beautiful Thomson falls