What to See In Amboseli National Park?

Elephants in Aberdare National park

Dozens of elephants especially around water areas is a must watch in Amboseli national Park. The elephant herds are just anonymous with beautiful tusks and charming faces. On a lucky day, you will find them swimming or after swimming as they are grabbing dust onto their skin to protect themselves from the sun.

View of Mt Kilimanjaro in Aberdare National park

Spectacular view of Mt Kilimanjaro, whereas MT Kilimanjaro is found in Tanzania, a safari to Amboseli national park will ascertain your experience of the elusive mountain Kilimanjaro, the views for this mountain is a must recall for the lifetime.

Maasai community in Aberdare National park

The visit to the Maasai community, one of the great warrior cultures.  Experience the hospitality of the real Maasai family and their secret relationship with cattle, their traditional dress code in animal skins wrapped around the body and loads of beaded jewelry placed around their neck and arms.

Wildlife in Aberdare National park

Wild game, Amboseli National Park is home to over fifty mammal species. Wildlife lovers can spot elephants, leopards, cheetahs and hippos, giraffes, hartebeests, wild dog, among others.

Birding in Aberdare National park

Birding, more than four hundred bird are found in this national park including those that are endangered. It is a special destination that gives a breathtaking view to the birders.