What to See and Do In Arabuko Sokoke National Park Kenya?

Birding in Arabuko Sokoke National Park-Kenya

Kenya`s Arabuko Sokoke Forest National park is an outstanding birding safari destination with a variety of lively and endangered birds. For any bird devotees planning to visit Kenya, birds are the most interesting creatures to lookout in Arabuko-Sokoke. This park accommodates over 300 species of birdlife including; Sokoke Pipit, Amani Sunbird, Fishers Turaco, Clarkes weaver, Golden Woodpecker.

Arabuko-Sokoke is one of the most important forest birds with six internationally endangered and species of concern.  The Southern banded snake eagle, Akalat, Clarke`s weaver, Plain backed sunbird, Dkatcha woodland, white Sokoke Scops Owl, among others are all known from Arabuko-Sokoke National forest park.

Game Viewing in Arabuko Sokoke National Park-Kenya

Arabuko-Sokoke National Park is rich in biodiversity with over 40 different species of mammals especially herbivores like the African Elephant, African Civet, Sykes’ Caracal, African Buffalo, Yellow Baboons, bush baby/Galago. Never the less, some the most endangered mammals are found here including the Golden-rumped elephant-shrew, Sokoke Bushy-tailed Mangoose and Ader`s duiker.

Plants in Aruboko-Sokoke Forest

 This magnificent forest is made up of 3 types of charming forest each accommodating various species of birds, reptiles, and mammals; that is the Cynometra forest which is thick and covers most of the Arabuko Sosoke forest reserve, the Miombo woodland also known as Brachystiga whose trees are hairy with an open canopy, Miombo woodland inhabits various species of birds and butterflies with good trails which enhances the birding experience. And the mixed forest whose dense vegetation create a conducive atmosphere during the traverse walks and drives in search for attractions.