What to See and Do in Chyulu Hills National Park?

The Leviathan Cave and Hiking

Leviathan is one of the world’s longest caves approximately 11.15km. the cave is divided into two segments of   9.15km and 2.0km. The hike through the stunning land scape with views of the magnificent mountain Kilimanjaro. The volcanic mountains provide a mesmerizing mingling of cones and lava flow. The magnificent rocks also show evidence of the volcanic cause of the mountains. Below the hills is a home of mostly unexplored caves, swamps and Jipe lake. A hike to the Leviathan cave is worth visiting.

Horseback in Chyulu Hills National Park

Visit the top of Chyulu Hills while riding on horseback an experience that offers a distinctive and remarkable tactic to view the wildlife. Wild animals will more less see you as another colleague in the wild!

Wildlife and Bird Watching

Animal densities in this park are quiet low due to heavy poaching by the communities, however wild animals that can be spotted within this park include the eland, klipspringer, giraffe, zebra, baboon and sykey`s monkeys, antelopes, cheetah, wildebeest, steenbok and reedbucks. Nevertheless, the big game like the elephants, lions, leopards and buffaloes and black rhinos can also be spotted traversing from Tsavo west to Amboseli.

The park is also home to a 350 species of birdlife with some endemic races like Francolinus, shelleyipogonocichla, stellata, zoothera gurneyibradypterus cinnamomeusHieraaetus, ayresiiStephanoaetus coronatuspolemaetus bellicosus and Cinnyricinclus femoralis, among others.

An excellent bird watching site is along Lake Jipe in the south-west corner of the park. The lake is fed by run-off from Kilimanjaro and the north pare mountains. It is bordered by large permanent swamps at its eastern and western ends.