What to See In Hell's Gate National Park?

Despite of the Park`s small size, in encompasses a variety remarkable attractions that every individual who embraces nature would never wish to miss out while in Kenya.  As soon as you enter the park, an exciting dramatic semi-arid world, with steep, rugged cliffs, open plains and deep concealed gorges unfolds you. Because there are few predators, there are many activities which you can do while in Hell`s Gate National Park including walking, cycling, rock climbing, bird watching or trekking through the gorge between the geysers,

Some of the attractions include; wildlife viewing, hot springs, raptor nesting in the cliffs, the Olkaria geothermal station, the Meryyn Carnelley Raptor hide, tourist circuits, nature trails, health spa.

Wildlife Viewing in Hell's Gate National Park

Wildlife Viewing:  Hell`s Gate National Park is a small wildlife Safari destination with animal species like buffalos, giraffes, zebras, defassa waterbuck, black backed jackal, impala, spotted hyenas, hartebeests, eland and Thomson`s Gazelle which are common in the Park. Leopards, lions and cheetahs are around the park but can rarely be encountered.

Similarly, Hell`s Gate offers good watching year in yea out. About 130 species of birds have been recorded at Hell`s Gate. The park was once a famous for the endemic lammergeyer vultures but these beautiful vultures are now occasional visitors. However the Park still inhabits several nesting raptor species including Egyptian and Ruppell`s vultures.

The Verreux`s eagle are often on the cliffs looking for rodents. The best time for bird watchers to visit the Hell`s Gate is from November to April when migratory birds from Europe and north Africa are in the Park.

Cycling in Hell's Gate National Park

Ignore the traffic jams of big city for today and taste the remarkable experience in the beautiful land that will make your whole body re-nourished in the fragrant atmosphere. Cycling in the Hell`s Gate National Park is a do-re-do activity that you will never wish to stop.

The fantastic ecosystem in this overwhelming National Park is as gifted as the Promised Land. Touch the rocks protruding from the earth`s surface and feel the lines scoured by water in the gorges to prove that actually the Hell`s Gate is not fictitious but rather reality.

Travel to the Park with good camera, a hat, sunglasses and a good pair of jungle shoes to enjoy a stirring cycling adventure traverse the Park`s snaky trails into the gorges and miles of dirt and rocks. It made easy, Bikes are available for hire at the Park`s main Gate so you may not necessarily come with one. While cycling, you will be able to glimpse wildlife in the Park such as gazelles, giraffes, buffaloes, hartebeests, impalas and small antelopes like kirk`s dik-dik and steenbok. You may also be lucky to see some predators like the elegant Serval.

From the Elas Gate to the Hell`s Gate gorge it is 7km dirt road, slightly downhill-returning back may take you longer.  Cycling is however the best alternative to see African animals face to face.

Scenery in Hell's Gate National park

A wonderful scenery will surround you right away as you reach the Hell`s gate National Park. You will have to appreciate nature while you’re here. The following features will provide you with a great scenic experience.

Fischer Tower: This tower was formed by semi-molten rock forced to a crack, cooling and hardening as it extruded. The Fischer tower is 25 meters (75 ft.) high located near the main entrance of the park. Both the Fischer’s tower and the Central tower were formed the same way, same time. The guide will take you through the folk story of the Masaai people and how they believe that she turned into a stone. To give you just a hint of the Maasai community folktale, the tower is a Maasai girl who was turned into stone after disobeying the family before her wedding. Looking at this tower and the way it was formed, you will also assume your own geological process or you may take the Masaai belief!

Obsidian Caves: These Obsidian caves and their distinctive black glass like obsidian rock are located on the Buffalo Circuit. Obsidian rock was a result of rapid cooling of molten volcanic lava coming into contact with water while being poured into a lake or ocean. This results to the glassy texture of the rock. Iron and magnesium give the obsidian a dark green to black color. Obsidian can contain small air bubbles that are aligned along layers. These bubbles can produce interesting effects such as a golden sheen, known as Sheen Obsidian or a rainbow sheen called Rainbow Obsidian. Small nuggets of obsidian that have been naturally rounded and smoothed by wind and water are called Apache Tears.

Lower Gorge/Ol Njorowa Gorge: The Lower Gorge is the main attraction of the park. Walking in this gorge is a memorable adventure; a 2 hour tour to the beautiful, water eroded walls so narrow that they almost block out the sky, many hot and cold waterfalls, hot water springs, and colorful strata and rock formations. The place is also known for film productions such as the Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life, King Solomon’s Mines and Mountains of the Moon which used the gorge as a backdrop for their movies.

The Hell’s is exceptionally beautiful and unique compared to any other area. Presence of vegetation around the hot water is remarkable as these plants are able to survive in very high temperatures.