What to See and Do in Malka Mari National Park?

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Malika Mari National Park in Kenya has plenty of Somali giraffe, crocuta alias the laughing spotted Hyena, Dik-Diks, Agama Lizards, Antelopes, vultures, Genet, common Zebra a Bears, Moose, Coyotes, Bobcats, Gray Wolf, Mountain Lions, Bighorn Sheep, American Bison, and Nile crocodiles of Daua River.

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Physical features like the Malka Mari fort, valleys, Daua river and hills provide beautiful and attractive scenery, a worthwhile experience for tourists and visitors. There are also a few history relics here as well that may tickle your fancy such as the Malka Mari Fort which is worth a visit. Malka Mari fort is a perfect place for star-gazing as the skies are mostly clear at night with a brilliant display of stars.

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You will get a chance to interact with the Gurreh nomadic herders though they are very few and scattered.