Mount Longonot is an extinct volcano that rises from the floor of the great rift valley like a pillar.  Mount Longonot National Park-Kenya is located southeast of lake Naivasha in the great rift valley of Kenya- East Africa, Africa. Approximately 90km from Nairobi, Kenya`s capital city. Mountain Longonot is said to have erupted way back in 1860s. This stratovolcano has a large 8x12km caldera formed by vast eruptions of trachytic lava.

The name Longonot came from the Maasai word Oloonong’ot, meaning “mountains of many spurs” or “steep ridges. Mount Longonot National Park-Kenya is a small National Park in only 52km2 and is protected by Kenya Wildlife service. The ecosystem comprises of mountain rising 2,776m above sea level. On the sides of the mountain are V-shaped valleys and ridges with little vegetation. A 3.1 km trail runs from the park entrance up to the crater rim, and continues in a 7.2 km loop encircling the crater.

The crater rim of Mount Longonot in Mount Longonot National Park-Kenya.

While at the crater rim, look out for geothermal steam coming out from several fissures around the crater rim, a reminder of the energy trapped beneath your feet.

Stunning Scenery in Mount Longonot National Park-Kenya;

The views from the rim of the volcano are dramatic!  From the elevated perch you will get a perfect birds-eye view over a large section of the amazing southern Rift Valley, all the way to Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Mountains in the distance.

Wildlife in Mount Longonot National Park-Kenya;

On good day you see a selection of wildlife on your way up to the rim, and those who venture into the forested crater should also be on the lookout for; Buffalo, Zebra, Giraffe, several species of Antelopes, Baboons and Leopard which is very elusive, but tracks have been spotted inside the park

Lake Naivasha Country Club in Naivasha Town near Mount Longonot National park-Kenya

The lake Naivasha Country club borrows its name from the lake as you can see it sparkling in the sun thousands of feet below from the top of the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley. Just an hours’ drive from Nairobi, it offers a variety of activities to please both active and leisure travelers.

Masada Hotel in Naivasha Town near Mount Longonot National Park-Kenya

Masada is the name for a site of ancient palaces and fortifications in Southern District of Israel, on top of an isolated rock plateau, or horst, on the eastern edge of the Judaean Desert, overlooking the Dead Sea.

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A unique feature of a thick forest occurs within the mountain crater.  The crater rim also offers stunning scenic views across the beautiful Rift Valley all the way to Lake Naivasha. Major wildlife attractions in Mount Longonot National Park include buffaloes, elands, lion, bushbucks, common zebra, giraffe and Grant’s gazelles, Thomson gazelles and many other antelopes. Leopards have also been spotted but can be difficult to spot.